Meeting 99

Updated almost 7 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

  • (rachel) review proposed edits
  • (Sam) look into APIs from 
    • Thanks for getting in touch. We previously offered a widget allowing individual organisations to pull their opportunities from our site into their own - we don't offer an API for organisations to feature our entire marketplace I'm afraid.

      I've just run a search for Harrow based opportunities:  which you're welcome to link to. The link contains the search query meaning so every time it's clicked any new opportunities will be included in the listings.
  • (Sam) look into APIs from SENT THROUGH WEBSITE - NO REPLY
  • (Alex) approach CVS's (Council for Voluntary Services) (each borough has one of these) (Rachel Sobus)
  • look at automated update of charities ( (sam) --> e.g. i.e. by charity id, which we do have in our csv, but not our current database.  Could import and would allow us to update some data for existing charities, but emails are not available, and we can't discover charities specific to our area, since search doesn't support that - however data does contain lat and lng, so in principle we could be working through all to find any in particular areas - however that requires all the data and so offline would make more sense than hitting the API
  • sam; check in with do-it about sharing data  [EMAIL][NO-REPLY]

  • Usual review
  • separate mailchimp account
  • billing VAH for heroku services?
  • charity jamboree
  • ...

Action items
  • (rachel) create mailchimp account specifc to HCN
  • (sam) quarterly invoicing
  • (sam) send rachel details of jamboree DONE

  • (sam) make staging have SSL certs and custom domain name [NEEDS MONEY]
  • Sam: work on smoothing flows into the system ...  -->
  • (Sam) mail chimp integration (make feature)
  • (Sam) AV constitution 
    • should include where funds go when company is wound up
    • revise constitution for new types of entity, e.g. directors
      • media trust
      • charities4IT
      • bathtub2boardroom
  • (Sam) charity status requires 3 trustees (Steve, Rachel, Alex?) and following charity commission rules
  • (Sam/Alex) SEO (chore) [STARTED]
  • (Sam) look into having our emails not go into spam folders ... (mailchimp)
  • (Sam) how to integrate with 3SP volunteer center ?

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