First meeting

Updated about 6 years ago by Joao Pereira
The full video can be found here

1 - Introduction to MetPlus
2 - Talk about PETS in a bit more details
3 - Question about the product
4 - Presentation of the technological solution
5 - Questions about the technological solution

Action points:
- Talk to Sam to see if we can start using Pacific Rim Scrum(21:30 UTC) (Joao)

- Preventing multiple job seeker résumés from being sent to the same employer for the same seeker?
- Coordination among job developers to undo the conflict?
- Allowing a job developer to "clear" the issue (with subsequent system behavior unclear)?
- Relation between Employer and Agency

  • Does this mean that when an employer post a job in our system their Agency will be notified?
  • What does link between employer and agency mean?
  • The Agency will post the job offer for the employer?
  • The employer will be able to post a job offer without notifying the agency about that?
  • If a fee is due between agency and employer should PETS be used?
Employer can post a job
Agency can post a job
If they are link

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