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Entity: job

These are a proposal on job attributes and models that are related to job.
I just listed them, but it would be great as a team to discuss  upon and come up with something that
covers all scenario of jobs and at the same time not a complex. 
We can try PP after client meeting. 

    Proposed Attributes
  1.  jobId or jobNum  not to confuse with job_id 
  2.  fulltime (boolean)
  3.  shift (day, evening, night)
  4.   title
  5.   description 
 Models to stay:  related to job:
  1. job_category
  2. job_skill
  3. skill
 Models to drop:  related to jobs
  1. skill_level 
  • Proposed Attributes
    • job_number make sense since companies will have their own (internal) numbering scheme for posted jobs - add to model
    • schedule - might be useful - suggest we ask the client at next meeting - Hold off for now
    • shift - same as above - add to model
  • Models to drop
    • skill_level - this might be OK to drop, since skill_level required for a specific skill and for a specific job could be implicit to min_years and also covered in the job description - drop this model
    • skill - I think we need this since this is part of the job category structure (a collection of skills define a job category).  Also, skills are shared across job_skills and this putting the information into job_skills would denormalize the schema. - retain this model

  • We need to show some how the skills when we open a specific job.
    • For add and edit I would use a spinner to select the skill level and some how to show the skill
    • This feature is put for separate story, and need to be discussed with the rest of team.
- Final draft for jobs and jobs related entities. 

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