List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 03 - 10/23/2015

Meeting 03 - 10/23/2015

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1 - Retrospective
    . Looking into the waffle stories completed this sprint
    . There is no visual changes at this moment in the web interface to demo
2 - Questions to the client
  • Can an employer search for JS in the system and contact them? If so should PETS keep track of any contact?
  • Employer - can search for JS but the JD will be informed

    • JD you can only search inside your agency
    • Employer you can search all JS
    • JS can search all Employers
    • Employer need to be associated with at least 1 agency to enter the system
    • JS need to be associated with at least 1 agency to enter the system
Agency branch:
  • There will be rules like: All jobs from Detroit need to be registered by the Detroit Branch? Or the branch is just an address?
    • Primary JD and CM will be assigned to the JS based on the branch location
    • Web registration will be able to choose a branch location
      • Internally the Agency will associate a JD and a CM to that JS
  • Should the JD/CM be associated with a specific branch? If so why and what can they do differently if they are in a different branch? Will they lose access to JSs? or to Employers?
    • Nothing changes, only the new JS will be appointed to them depending on the new address
JS Status
  • What are the possible status that a JS can be in:
    • Unemployed Actively looking for Job
    • Unemployed Not looking for Job
    • Employed Actively looking for Job
    • Employed Not looking for Job
  • Will each agency be allowed to change the verbiage of these status
    • Maybe ... client discussion resulted in decision to retain the ability to add/edit status values for now.  If it turns out that these don't need to change, we could drop the associated table and use a constant for these values.
    3 - Questions from the client
      • Icebox item - add capabilities for the system to work in multiple languages (screen labels, prompts, messages, etc.)
    4 - Next steps
        . Start development next week
        . Schedule a meeting for 11/06 at 5:30 pm EST

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