List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 07 - 12/18/2015

Meeting 07 - 12/18/2015

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1. Retrospective on Sprint 5 (completed Friday, Dec 18, 2015)

  • Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
    • #147 (Add "status" field for agency people), possible values:
      • 'Invited', 'Active', 'Inactive'
  • Waffle stories worked on during the sprint:
    • #21 (Employer Registration) -  can see work so far here
    • #130 (Job Seeker Registration) - demo of current progress
    • #129 (Invite/accept process for new agency person) - demo of process

Chet's comments on progress review demos:

  1. Employer registration - the demo showed a model failure when the company website entered into the form did not include the protocol (HTTP://) portion.  He asked if we could relax the requirement for entering that information.  We assured him that we could.
  1. Invite process for new agency person: during the demo we stated that this new agency person (upon invite acceptance) would be directed to an "agency landing page" - the starting point for all agency people upon login.  We also said that the same process will be used for new company people.  He asked if the landing page for company people will be specific to the company (e.g., the landing page might have something like "Welcome to the PETS page for the Target store at 123 Main Drive", etc.  We assumed him this would be the case.

2. Questions for the client 

  • We are assuming that any company representative can come to PETS and register their interest in becoming a partner of MetPlus.  That is, that company does not have to be "pre-registered" by the Agency Admin in order to submit the form that indicates their interest in partnering.  Please confirm or correct.

Chet confirmed that he wants the process to remain as stated in the assumption above.

3. Questions from the client

4. Priorities for next sprint (sprint 6, starting Monday)

  • Further progress on Agency Admin features
    • Complete "new agency person" process
  • Employer registration process
  • Job Seeker registration

5. Confirm next client meeting (5:30 ET, Monday, January 4 )
  • Regular "two-week cycle" meeting is January 1 - change to Monday, Jan 4)

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