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Meeting 08 - 01/04/2016

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1. Retrospective on Sprint 5 (completed Friday, Dec 18, 2015)

  • Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
    • #129 Process for adding new Agency Person (user) to PETS
      • Admin creates preliminary account for user (everything except password)
      • Email sent to new user with account-confirmation link
      • User clicks on link and goes to page requesting user to enter password
      • When submitted, user's account is confirmed and user is directed to "agency landing page".
    • #148 - Restructured JobSeeker <> AgencyPerson association to accommodate many-to-many relationships based on role of AgencyPerson
  • Waffle stories worked on during the sprint:
    • #21 (Employer (Company) Registration) -  included in demo of next item
    • #134 Company registration/acceptance process - demo of current progress
      • See "Action" descriptions below for system behavior for this process
    • #130 (Job Seeker Registration)
2. Questions for the client

  • For the company registration process, communicate with the company contact (requester of the registration) if the registration is approved.  Right now, there is not explicit "reject" mechanism in place - there is a "Delete Registration" capability however. Question: should we send an email to the requester if the registration is rejected?

Chet wants the ability to enter a reason for the rejection, and then have that reason be included in an email to the requester.

3. Questions from the client

No further questions re PETS at this time.  Chet did ask whether Agile Venture could help him build another system that he needs.  That system would match inventory of donated goods to registered needs of people that Chet serves.  (for example, a donated refrigerator could be instantly matched against registered requests in the system).  The system would track donation delivery details, of course (who, what, when, etc.)

4. Priorities for next sprint (sprint 7, starting Monday, 01/04/16)

  • Complete the company registration/acceptance process
  • Complete the Job Seeker registration process
  • Start the new company person invite/accept process
    • So, for instance, a company admin can invite HR people to create accounts in PETS

------------------------------ System Behavior Actions --------------------------

Action: Company Registration

The registrant clicks on a link on the home page.

 That link takes the user to a company-registration page, where the visitor enters company information (EIN, company description, principal (local) address, website, etc.).

The registrant must also enter contact information for a contact person at the employer.  (this contact person will become the default Company Admin (CA) if the employer registration is approved). 

When the information is submitted, an email is sent to the contact person, confirming receipt of the registration request and stating that the agency will review the request.

Action: Review Company Registration  

The agency now conducts whatever review process they want (that workflow/process is not managed by the system).  When that is complete, the agency admin will view the task and accept the registration request (if it was in fact accepted by the agency).  

The company contact will be activated as follows:

  1. An email (subject: "Registration approved") is sent to the company contact.   The email will state that the company registration has been accepted, and that the contact (receiver of the email) should will also receive a second email with instructions to activate their (personal) account in PETS. 
  2. The second email (subject: "Confirmation instructions") contains a link that the receiver will click on.   The user's account will be confirmed in PETS (via an activation token in the link URL).  Then, the following occurs:
  • The contact is automatically logged in,
  • The contact is  directed to a company admin home page (similar to agency admin home page), where features for a company admin will be available (such as inviting another company person to create an account in PETS).

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