List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 12 - 02/26/2016

Meeting 12 - 02/26/2016

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1. Retrospective on Sprint 11

  • Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
    • BUG FIX: Back button in company registration form (#195)
    • Create account and delete account features for Job Seekers (#157)
    • Add fax field to company registration (#156)
    • Paginate the administration pages (#197)
    • Account Confirmation email (sent when user signs up or is invited to join PETS):
      • User can request resending the email if they have deleted the original email (#196)
      • BUG FIX: Error if user clicks "confirm account" link in confirmation email more than once (#194)
  • Waffle stories worked on during the sprint:
    • Begun work on jobs management features (#173)
    • Start working in the notification system(#186)
    • Add ability to manage large sets of data on the agency person edit page (#198)
    • Reuse views on user edit page (#169)
2. Questions for the client
  • Event Notifications: there are many business requirements that imply notifications to be delivered to certain people when specific events occur.  An example is:
"The JS can create one account in the Job Agency. After the account is created all the CM's and JDs will be notified and one of them will become the CM and another the primary JD for this JS."

Our thoughts on implementing notifications are:
  1. All PETS users who are entitled to receive an event - and are logged in - will receive a notification on their screen in "real-time".
  2. All PETS users who are entitled to receive an event will receive an email notification of the event.
Does this seem to be an adequate way to handle notifications? 

3. Questions from the client

4. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 12, starting Monday, 02/29/16 )
  • Reuse views between 1) company edit feature and 2) company registration create/edit features
  • Continue development for jobs management
  • Continue research and prototyping on Notification system
  • Develop a list of required features to make an initial version of PETS, for client review next meeting.  This initial version is required to be suitable for the client to begin to use:
    1. Client gains value from using the system, and
    2. Client gives dev team valuable feedback (what works, what doesn't, what features would be really helpful, etc.)

5. Schedule next client meeting for 03/11/2016 at 5.30pm EST

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