List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 12 - 03/11/2016

Meeting 12 - 03/11/2016

Updated over 5 years ago by Patrick Bolger
1. Retrospective on Sprint 12

  • Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
    • Job Seeker "Home Page" - wireframe (to be reviewed with Client) (#203)
    • Eliminate duplicate code in forms: 1) Company registration/edit and 2) Company edit (#206)
    • Eliminate duplicate code in "user profile" edit form for users of all 3 types (Job Seeker, Agency Person, Company Person) (#169)
    • Jobs management features: (#173)
      • actions: new, edit, update, delete, show
      • added fields: 
        • company_job_id (company-specific ID for job tracking)
        • shift (day, morning, evening)
        • fulltime (yes/no)
      • Client comment: Suggested a form field to capture hourly rate for then job.  We said this could be accommodated in the job description.  (We could add this later if most jobs are hourly, as well as other fields as needed.)
    • Add ability to manage large sets of data on the agency person edit page (#198)
    • Added ability to create Job Categories (#210)
  • Waffle stories worked on during the sprint:
    • Require a status to be selected when job seeker registers in PETS (#183)
    • Implement Job Seeker Home Page (#202)
    • Continue development for jobs (Associate a job with a company) (#192)
2. Questions for the client

  • Comments regarding Job Seeker Home Page design (wireframe)
    • Client comment: When a job seeker applies to a  job on PETS, they should probably be sent directly to the employer's website and apply directly there.  However, PETS should capture this event to that then agency is aware of this.  We told the client that this is out intent, and that PETS will record the event as well as notify (in realtime and via email) the primary job developer for that job seeker).
    • Client comment: When a client has not had much activity for a while, the Case Manager may want to encourage the JS to perform some community service.  We said that we could record that request in the "status" field. (this gives rise to the question as to whether we need to track "status' changes and time-in-status (that is, state tracking).
  • Comments regarding "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP) list (at bottom of page)
    • MVP release is defined to provide:
      • Value to the client, and,
      • A platform for client to provide feedback to dev team (what works, what doesn't, what features would be really helpful, etc.)

3. Questions from the client
  • Email received from client on Monday, March 14:

"Hello Patrick,

Maybe we should add Internship to the case managers page as well. This will let the case managers know what the job seekers are doing. Internship, community service, start date finish date with reminders."

I will create a story that captures this.

4. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 13, starting Monday, 03/14/16 )

  • Delivery all stories listed above in "stories worked on during the sprint"
  • Delivery of other stories (from backlog) as time permits
  • Refine "minimum viable product" (MVP) list based on client feedback
  • Continue research and prototyping on Notification system

5. Schedule next client meeting for 03/25/2016 at 5.30pm EST

Minimum Viable Product feature list (User's Perspective)

Job seeker
  • Register
  • Search jobs
  • Apply
  • Job Seeker landing page
    • Default page after login
    • List of jobs applied to
    • List of jobs that match JS background (keyword match)
    • List of newly-posted jobs (since prior login)
Job Developer
  • Notifications
    • Job seeker has joined PETS
    • Job seeker has applied to a job (primary JD or all if no primary)
    • Company has posted or updated a job (all JD's)
    • Primary job developer is notified when *another* job developer submits a job seeker for a job
    • Company contacts a job seeker directly (primary JD or all if no primary)
  • Overview of job seekers in his pool
  • Match job seeker and jobs
  • JD landing page
    • Default page after login
    • List of job seekers for which this JD is primary job developer
    • List of jobs for which job seekers (for whom JD is *primary* job developer) have applied (either directly by job seeker or by a JD), with status detail.
    • List of job seekers who have not been assigned a primary job developer.
Case manager
  • Match job seeker and jobs
  • Notifications
    • Job seeker has joined PETS
    • Job seeker has applied to a job
  • CM landing page
    • Default page after login
    • List of job seekers (for which this person is case manager)
    • List of job seekers who have been assigned a Case Manager.
Agency Administrator
  • Ability to configure agency information
  • Super user status
  • Invite agency people to join PETS
  • Accept/deny company registration request
  • Tasks (to-do) list management
  • CRUD - Job Categories
  • CRUD - Skills
  • Create job
  • Update job
  • Find job seekers
  • Register
  • Invite other company people to join PETS (company admin)
  • Company landing page
User Interface
  • Consistent look-and-feel
  • Intuitive navigation

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