List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 16 - 04/22/2016

Meeting 16 - 04/22/2016

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 1. Retrospective on Sprint 15

  • Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
    • First draft of Company Person Home page(#233)
    • Add state to the address forms(#159)
    • Job Developer Home page(#226)
    • Upload Resume to Cruncher(#120, #280)
    • Moved tasks management into production, initial tasks include
      • new job seeker registration task: assign a job developer
      • new job seeker registration task: assign a case manager
      • new company registration: review registration request
    • Moved events creation into production (#262).  The following events cause 1) screen popup for logged-in agency people, 2) email notification for agency people, and 3) create corresponding tasks:
      • new job seeker registration
      • new company registration
    • Company person home page dynamically load the jobs(#286)
    • Add address of a Job(#200)
  • Waffle stories worked on during the sprint:
    • Company person home page dynamically load the company people(#287)
    • First draft of Case Manager Home page(#230)
    • Associate jobs with job categories(#213)
    • Associate skills with job categories(#267)
2. Questions for the client
  • When a Job Seeker is not associated with a specific Job Developer what information should the Job Seeker see when he enters the JD profile?
    • Basic information should be displayed:
      • Number of JS associated with the JD
      • Specialization
      • Placement rate
  • Can Company Person from location A create a Job on Location B?
    • Our assumption is that a Company Person will be able to open a position in all the locations of a company
      • Yes
3. Questions from the client
4. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 16, starting Monday, 04/25/16 )

  • Delivery all stories listed above in "stories worked on during the sprint"
  • Case Manager Home page creation
  • Job Management system
  • Start working in the search

5. Schedule next client meeting for 05/06/2016 at 5.30pm EST

Action point JP: Create story "As a user, when I am applying to a job I want to see a map with the distance to that specific job"
Action point JP: create logins and send to Chet

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