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Meeting 17 - 05/06/2016

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 Retrospective on Sprint 16

1. Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
    • Initial job application structure (#29)
      • Added 'job email' to company definition - this is the email that applications are sent to
      • Applications are just saved to DB at this point - will add functionality in next few sprints
    • Company Person home page (#287)
      • Show all PETS users for the company
2. Waffle stories worked on during the sprint:
    • Agency person home page
      • show job seekers assigned to person as Case Manager (#231)
      • List all job seekers without a Case Manager (#234)
    • Allow admin to assign job skills to job categories (#267)
      • Idea is that a job category (e.g. "Administrative Assistance") would have multiple skills required or desired for job in that category
      • NOTE: we are finding that this structure is cumbersome and probably won't work well in practice.  We are thinking of alternate mechanisms to achieve the same functionality (see question below)
    • Event management - job seeker applies to job:  (#300)
      • Notify the job seeker's case manager (notify = popup and email)
      • Notify the job seeker's job developer
      • Notify the company person associated with the job posting
      • Create follow-up task ('review job application') for company admins
    • Assign a job to a job category (#213)
    • Add tasks listings to Agency Person home page (#257)
    • Build interface with "cruncher" to pass job for parsing, characterization and comparison (#288)
3. Questions for the client

4. Questions from the client
  • Are we adding the option to confirm users identity through text and email? 
  • Also what do you think about allowing job seekers transfer their resume from their linkedin to the PETS system. Are the features necessary?

5. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 17, starting Monday, 05/09/16 )

  • Delivery of most or all stories listed above in "stories worked on during the sprint"
  • Agency Person Home page enhancements
  • Company Person Home page enhancements
  • Job Management system
  • Start working on "search", for example:
    • Job seeker searching for jobs
    • Job Developer searching for job seekers matching job

5. Schedule next client meeting for 05/20/2016 at 5.30 pm EST

6. Action points from this meeting:
  • JP: Add Linkedin connection

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