List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 18 - 05/20/2016

Meeting 18 - 05/20/2016

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 Retrospective on Sprint 17

1. Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
  • Add tasks listings to Agency Person home page (#257)
  • Event management - job seeker applies to job:  (#300)
    • Notify the job seeker's case manager (notify = popup and email)
    • Notify the job seeker's job developer
    • Notify the company person associated with the job posting
    • Create follow-up task ('review job application') for company admins
  • Agency person home page
    • show job seekers assigned to person as Case Manager (#231)
  • Improvements in the UI
    • Improvement of the Home page (#326)
    • Improvement of the administration pages (#320)
      • Management of job 'Specialties'
      • Agency person 'show' view
      • Agency person 'edit' view

  • 2. Waffle stories worked on during the sprint:
    • Agency person home page
      • List all job seekers without a Case Manager (#234)
    • Assign job_skills to a job (#213)
    • Build interface with "cruncher" to pass job for parsing, characterization and comparison (#288)
    • Job search result page and résumé-matching functionality (#296)
    3. Questions for the client

    4. Questions from the client
    • When sending an email, receive a notification if the user open the email.

    5. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 18, starting Monday, 05/23/16 )

    • Delivery of most or all stories listed above in "stories worked on during the sprint"
    • Agency Person Home page enhancements
    • Company Person Home page enhancements
    • Job Management system
    • Implement "job search" - Job seeker searching for jobs
    • Continue working on "job matching" features, for example:
      • Job seeker résumé match to jobs (show all matching jobs)
      • Job Developer matching job to job seekers' résumés (show all matching job seekers)

    5. Schedule next client meeting for 06/03/2016 at 5.30 pm EST

    6. Action points from this meeting:
    • Chet review in
      • Job Developer Home page 
      • Case Manager Home page
      • Job Seeker Home page
        • What information are we missing for a JS?  (e.g., veteran, disability, etc.?)
      • Company Person Home page
      • Company Contact Home page
      • Agency Home page
    • AP: JP create issue with email reply (#321)
    • Job Search: The demo of job search showed that text search (e.g., title, description) is limited in that consecutive words entered into the search field must be present in that exact sequence in order for the search to succeed.  The example used was searching for a job with title "regional program manager".  A search using "program manager" will succeed, but a search using "regional manager" will fail.  Client requested that we support the ability to search on 1) exact phrase (as it works now, and 2) the specific search words appearing anywhere in the record (e.g., full text search).
    • Job Match: Client requested that we consider adding the ability to do "bulk" job matches.  (We demo'ed matching one résumé with all jobs).  The bulk matching would consist of matching a set of résumés to a specific job.  (it could, by extension, including matching a set of résumés to all available jobs).  Client indicated that in a busy agency, with lots of job seekers and available jobs, having bulk matching capability would be very helpful.


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