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Meeting 25 - 08/26/2016

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Retrospective on Sprint 24

1. Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
  • Agency Person Home page: paginate table "job seekers without a case manager"(#315)
  • Track status change history (#400#401)
    • Times for job status change: active, filled, revoked
    • Times for job application change: active, accepted, not_accepted
  • Cruncher:
    • Implement backend call to get jobs that match resume (#332)
    • Implement backend call to get resumes that match job (#391)
2. Other Waffle stories worked on during the sprint:

  • Categorization algorithm improvement for the Cruncher(#336)
  • Handling task completion (#342)
    • For example, the agency admin will have visibility to these tasks:
      • Unassigned agency tasks
      • Assigned (open) agency tasks (assigned to myself or others)
      • My open tasks
      • Closed agency tasks (including my own)
  • Ensure dates are in correct timezone(#292)
  • Allow Job Developer to submit a job application on behalf of a job seeker (only for job seekers assigned to that job developer)
  • Refactor JobSeekers(#284) code
3. Questions for the client
4. Questions from the client

5. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 25, starting Monday, 08/29/16 )

  • Job Management system continued development, e.g.
    • Job Developer submit job application for a job seeker
    • Implement feature to set job application to 'not_accepted'
  • Task Management
    • Provide visibility to tasks by task status
  • Confirm Job Seeker privacy controls and start development of features to implement those
  • Continue working on "job matching" features, for example:
    • Job seeker résumé match to jobs (show all matching jobs)
    • Job Developer matching job to job seekers' résumés (show all matching job seekers)
  • Begin implementation of authorization confirmation for system objects and features
    • For example, some features can only be accessed by an agency admin
  • Review "MVP List" in preparation for discussion at next client meeting

5. Schedule next client meeting for 09/09/2016 at 5.30 pm EST

6. Action points from this meeting:
  • Write up conclusion from discussion on job seeker privacy restrictions (see link above for that)

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