List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 34 - 01/30/2017

Meeting 34 - 01/30/2017

Updated almost 5 years ago by Patrick Bolger
1. Retrospective on Sprint 34

1.1 Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
  • BUG: email previews raise exception #497 by (Sigu)
  • Js update 517 # by (Vijaya)
  • Fix bug in mailer preview #533 by (Patrick)
  • Flaky tests: event_management.feature #532 by (Patrick)
  • Stub external services in rspec tests #530 by (Arun)
  • WIP: speed up cucumber tests # by (Patrick)
  • Fix job seeker's address attribute #477 by (Sigu)
  • 506 company person profile update # by (Paul)
  • Update button on Edit Profile Page #522 by (Hinesh)
  • 524 UI Assets # by (Lara)
  • added crucher stub files # by (Vijaya)
  • Job seeker profile update - change email #507 by (Hinesh)
1.2. Other Waffle stories/items worked on during the sprint:
  • Various small bug fixes and anomolies
  • Started work on implementing UI redesign (home, about us, contact us, etc.)
2. Updates from AV
3. Questions for the client
We already talked about the next questions but we need the answer for point 2 and 3
  • Project budgetary cost for production
    • Projected costs of up to $200 / month
      • May be less - depends on mix of platforms
      • Includes Agile Ventures managing platform vendors, billing and production support
    • Will firm up costs (and possible options) during phase 1
    • Is this cost viable for MET|PLUS ??
  • Projected use of app - phase 1 and phase 2
    • How many internal (agency) users?
    • How many job seekers?
    • Will clients (employers) be asked to use app as well?
    • Do we need documentation on how to use? (determined during phase 1)
  • Configuring and training the job/résumé "cruncher"
    • Start with one job category
      • Need 5 or more job descriptions within that category
      • Need 10 or more résumés that will match against that category
    • We need to "feed" this data to the cruncher and determine accuracy of matching
    • Once this process is refined and cruncher requirements better understood, we need to expand to additional job categories
    • We need a target list of job categories to be ready to do by phase 2
4. Questions from the client

5. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 35, started Monday, 01/31/17 )
  • Received data (job descriptions and résumés) for initial job category
  • Train cruncher on that job category, refine process and get more data as needed
  • Continue to refine app, fix outstanding bugs
  • Continue with UI redesign

6. Schedule next client meeting for Monday02/13/2017 at 12.30 pm EST

7. Action points from this meeting 

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