List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 35 - 02/13/2017

Meeting 35 - 02/13/2017

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1. Retrospective on Sprint 34

1.1 Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
  • Add tests for address model #542 by (Hinesh)
  • Remove User Edit Icon Button #523 by (Hinesh)
  • Update UI design and stylesheets # by (Lara)
  • User Profile Information Page #520 by (Hinesh)
  • Refactor job applications controller rspec tests # by (Arun)
  • Job seeker redirect 526 # by (Vijaya)\
  • Add contact page # by (Arun)
  • User Logout Button #521 by (Hinesh)
  • Redesign navbar #249 by (Hinesh)
  • Create About Page #518 by (Hinesh)
  • Job seeker policy should not allow "show" action #527 by (Sigu)
1.2. Other Waffle stories/items worked on during the sprint:
  • Various small bug fixes and anomolies
  • Started work on implementing UI redesign (home, about us, contact us, etc.)
2. Updates from AV
  • Establish a launch date for the 3 month pilot
3. Questions for the client
We already talked about the next questions but we need the answer for point 2 and 3 (especially point 3 (job descriptions and résumés))
  • Project budgetary cost for production
    • Projected costs of up to $200 / month
      • May be less - depends on mix of platforms
      • Includes Agile Ventures managing platform vendors, billing and production support
    • Will firm up costs (and possible options) during phase 1
    • As discussed with client, this cost is acceptable
  • Projected use of app - phase 1 and phase 2
    • How many internal (agency) users?
    • How many job seekers?
    • Will clients (employers) be asked to use app as well?
    • Do we need documentation on how to use? (determined during phase 1)
  • Configuring and training the job/résumé "cruncher"
    • Start with one job category
      • Need 5 or more job descriptions within that category
      • Need 10 or more résumés that will match against that category
    • We need to "feed" this data to the cruncher and determine accuracy of matching
    • Once this process is refined and cruncher requirements better understood, we need to expand to additional job categories
    • We need a target list of additional job categories to be ready to do by phase 2
4. Questions from the client
  • Answers from Chet:
    • Phase 1:
      • 3 Employers
      • 2 Job Developers
      • 2 Case Managers
      • X Job Seekers
5. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 36, started Monday, 02/13/17 )
  • Received data (job descriptions and résumés) for initial job category
  • Train cruncher on that job category, refine process and get more data as needed
  • Continue to refine app, fix outstanding bugs
  • Continue with UI redesign

6. Schedule next client meeting for Monday02/27/2017 at 12.30 pm EST

7. Action points from this meeting 


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