List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 36 - 04/17/2017

Meeting 36 - 04/17/2017

Updated over 4 years ago by Joao Pereira
1. Retrospective off last work

1.1 Waffle stories completed during the sprint:

1.2. Other Waffle stories/items worked on during the sprint:
  • Various small bug fixes and anomolies
  • Started work on implementing UI redesign (home, about us, contact us, etc.)
2. Updates from AV
  • Work in progress on story that allow JD and CM to create JS
3. Questions for the client
  • Job Developer and Case Managers can create Job Seeker (#605)
    • Should the JS receive the activation email?
    • Should we postpone the activation email until the system go public so you can start working?
4. Questions from the client
    5. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 37, started Monday, 04/17/17 )
    • Continue to refine app, fix outstanding bugs

    6. Schedule next client meeting for Monday05/01/2017 at 12.45 pm EST

    7. Action points from this meeting 

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