List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 42 07/10/2017

Meeting 42 07/10/2017

Updated over 4 years ago by Joao Pereira
1. Retrospective off last work

1.1 Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
  • Remove unnecessary text # by (Arun)
  • Job application lifecycle add processing state #459 by (Hinesh)
  • Make the registrations link look as buttons # by (Arun)
1.2. Other Waffle stories/items worked on during the sprint:
  • Add tests around areas with less coverage
2. Updates from AV

3. Questions for the client
  • Do we have any feedback from users?
  • Is everything going well since the beginning of the trial?
4. Questions from the client
5. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 43, started Wednesday, 07/10/17 )

6. Schedule next client meeting for Monday, 07/24/2017 at 12.45 pm EST

7. Action points from this meeting

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