List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 45 08/22/2017

Meeting 45 08/22/2017

Updated over 4 years ago by Patrick Bolger
1. Retrospective off last work

1.1 Waffle stories completed during the sprint:
  • Add Years of experience to Job by (Hinesh)
  • Add job type to Job (Hinesh)
  • Reposition checkboxes by (Arun)
  • Color on job app (Hinesh)
  • Disallow agency admins to delete companies with jobs (Arun)
  • Import job skills (Hinesh)
  • Refactor pets user by (Arun)
  • Pagination conversion: job search view (Patrick)
  • Disable email validation by (Patrick)
  • Design Company Skills model (Patrick)
  • 1.2. Other Waffle stories/items worked on during the sprint:
    • Reposition fields in company edit view
    • Company person able to create / edit / delete company job skills
    2. Updates from AV
    • Stories still not captured in waffle:
      • Job Creation
        • Education
          • On job creation form add minimum education requirements
        • Licenses
          • Capture the required licenses for a specific job(LPC, LLPC,...)
        • Language requirements
          • Mandatory languages
      • Job View
        • At this point we can add the previous fields into the description and then we can see the best way to show that information
      • Job Seeker application
        • Education
          • Do not allow users with lower education then required to apply

    • We configured the domain to point to our application
      3. Questions for the client
      4. Questions from the client
      • Job Skills
        • company person should be able to add one or more job skills, on-the-fly, when creating a job (these should be specific to the company and not visible to other companies.
        • Can we import a list of generic job skills to the "global" skills list? (Chet will try to find a source).
      • Integrate task system with task activity / work on task
      5. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 46, started Wednesday, 08/23/17 )

      6. Schedule next client meeting for Wednesday, 09/06/2017 at 12.45 pm EST

      7. Action points from this meeting
      • See "questions from client" above.

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