List of Projects MetPlus Client meetings Meeting 58 05/03/2018

Meeting 58 05/03/2018

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1.  Stories completed during the prior sprint:
  • add_cuke_tests_for_job_questions # by (Erika-Barr)
  • Number of openings on a specific job # by (maryam21)
  • Company person of a deleted company can no longer login # by (joaopapereira)
  • Rest-client gem was out of date and was causing problems creating users # by (joaopapereira)
  • Job Seekers cannot see applications done to companies that are delete… # by (joaopapereira)
  • When company person is logged in to PETS do not display jobs of other… # by (joaopapereira)
  • Delete company # by (joaopapereira)

2. Stories planned for current sprint
  • Introduce https on the website
  • Delete Company set  of stories(notification stories and company person cannot login)
  • Number of openings in Job
2. Updates from AV
3. Questions for the client
  • Job Developer does not see Job Seeker applications to jobs on delete companies, does this story make sense?

4. Questions from the client
5. Priorities for next sprint ( sprint 58, started Wednesday, 05/03/18 )
  • See item #2 above

6. Schedule next client meeting for Thursday, 05/17/2018 at 10 am EDT

7. Action points from this meeting

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