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MVP Questions for Client - 09/16/2016

Updated about 5 years ago by Patrick Bolger
1) We have implemented a feature which prevents a job seeker from applying to the same job more than once (this also prevents a job developer from applying to that same job on behalf of the job seeker).  This restriction applies regardless of the status of the job application (active, not_accepted) or the status of the job (active, filled, revoked).  Should we allow a job seeker to re-apply if their application status is 'not_accepted' and the job status is 'active'?

  • Con: a job seeker could apply multiple times to the same job even though they have been rejected for that job.
  • Pro: a job developer might have talked to the company and convinced them to take another look at the job seeker.  This second look could be initiated by re-applying.

2) Upon job application, the job seeker's résumé is emailed to the company.  Also, we had decided that - due to privacy concerns - we would not allow an employer to view a job seeker's résumé on-line (in PETS).  However, this presents a problem if the job seeker has uploaded a revised résumé, after the job application, that he would like the employer to see.  So, we propose to add a feature that would allow the job seeker (or job developer) to email the job seeker's résumé to the employer if the job seeker has an active job application for that employer.   Is this OK, or would you like to take a separate approach?

Client Response: This is an acceptable approach.  However, the eventual solution is to allow the employer to view the job seeker's résumé on-line.  So, it is the team's choice - develop the feature as describe above for MVP, and then build the on-line viewer post-MVP, or, build the viewer for MVP and skip the feature described above.


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