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Roles and interactions

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The table below describes primary interactions between actors in the environment as specified by the client.  In some cases, the "interaction" is really just work that in performed by one actor on behalf of another actor - while that is not an "interaction" it is still useful to describe such work here, as it is part of the overall relationship between actor.

Actor definition:
  • Job Seeker - Person that is looking for a job and uses PETS system to search for it
  • Employer - Company that will create jobs
  • Job Agency - an organization that works to find jobs for Job Seekers
    • Roles:
      • Case manager - person that help Job Seekers to find a job
      • Job Developer - person that help a Employer to find job 

Please note the following:
  1. Text that is quoted is taken verbatim from system description documentation provided by the client.
  2. The PETS column indicates whether there is specific functionality in PETS to represent any actor<>actor association and to manage the specific interaction.  In most cases, this will be Yes, but some interactions may be included in the table that do not rely upon specific PETS capability. (in fact, some of the actions are probably best done outside of PETS, or within PETS using general features).
  3. If you edit this table, please do not merge columns (which would be a natural impulse since columns one and two have the same repeated value for many rows).  On Safari, this created a totally mangled table after saving.  And, since this a "demo" version of the editor, we cannot recover previous versions of the document.
  4. The table here will contain reciprocal interactions for both actors.  That is, rows associated with job seeker <> job developer interaction will contain interactions that go in either "direction".
Actor1 Actor2 Item  Interaction / Work performed by one actor on behalf of other actor Issues 
Job Seeker
Case Manager
JS:CM/1 CM can upload résumé on behalf of JS 
Issue 25

JS:CM/2 CM can create/edit JS profile
Issue 25
Issue 5

JS:CM/3 CM creates association between JS and CM's Job Agency.

This a by-product of the CM creating an account for the JS in the JA.
Issue 25

JS:CM/4 CM contacts JS after inactive period.  This is facilitated by an alert presented to CM.

The inactivity period is configurable per each Job Agency (which means, in effect, one setting per PETS instance).

After a defined period of time the CM will be notified via email and icon in the interface. (at that point, the the CM should contact the JS - that contact is not managed within PETS).

The alert (email and UI icon) will also be presented to any JD which is working on an outstanding job opportunity for which the JD has submitted the JS for.

The CM needs to be able to clear the alarm and restart the timeout counter, or else the email alert will be sent again.

Issue 20
Issue 37
Issue 38
Issue 39
Job Seeker Job Developer JS:JD/1 JD matches jobs to JS credentials Issue 18 
Issue 19

JS:JD/2 JD sends JS résumé to employer. 
While employer review is pending the submission is marked as pending in PETS (client refers to "yellow traffic light".)

Before sending the Résumé to the Employer, the JD needs to contact the JS to get his permission to submit his information to the Employer.

The JD can send any Resume to the Employer, even if the JS is not a perfect match.

The system will send one email with the following information of the JS to the Employer:
  • Attached Resume
  • Small description of the JS by the JD
  • Voluntary information
    • Veteran status
    • Diversity information
    • Handicapped information
  • JD contact information 
Issue 40
Issue 41
Issue 18
Issue 54

JS:JD/3 Each JS will have one "Primary" JD assigned directly. This JD takes primary responsibility  of the search of a job for that JS.

Any other JD can submit a JS résumé to an Employer.  At that time, the primary JD will receive an alert that this has occurred.
Issue 45
Issue 50
Job Seeker Job Agency JS:JA/1 JS is "affiliated" with a JA, with a Case Manager at the agency acting as primary link between JS and JA. ("The job seeker first contact at the agency will be a designated Case Manager.")

The case manager (CM) will create an account for the JS in PETS, with all "pertinent info such as name, program name, vet status and other customizable info."  This establishes an association between JS and JA.

Issue 25

JS:JA/2 The JS can create one account in the Job Agency. After the account is created all the CM's and JDs will be notified and one of them will become the CM and another the primary JD for this JS.

Issue 28
Issue 42
Issue 46
Job Seeker Employer JS:E/1 JS submits résumé to E directly.  This can be done online in PETS or via providing the JS unique identifier in PETS (email) to the employer (e.g., at a job fair).
When this occurs the CM and the JD will be notified.

Issue 3 
Issue 30
Issue 43
Issue 44

JS:E/2 An E rejects or accepts a JS application and the system will notify the JD and CM

JS:E/3 E searches for suitable candidates in PETS. But cannot contact them directly.  E can contact JS via the app, and the primary JD is also notified of this contact.
(need to confirm issue(s) associated with this)
Issue 31
Job Developer     Employer JD:E/1 JD establishes relationship(s) with people at E.  These relationships are represented by JD<>E associations in PETS.  Note that a JD can have more than one association with E, as the association is specific to each individual within E that JD has a relationship with.

The associations are used in PETS to manage various alerts - such as, for instance, alerting a JD that a JS has submitted a résumé to an employer with whom the JD has one or more associations.  (these are described elsewhere in this doc.)
Issue 33

JD:E/2 JD contacts E after inactive period associated with a JS job submission.  This is facilitated by an alert presented to JD.
Issue 22

JD:E/3 JD creates a job opportunity from the E description issue 34

JD:E/4 E creates a job opportunity and all the JD are notified Issue 23

JD:E/5 E request to the JD to send him a specific JS profile issue 49

JD:E/6 JD while searching for candidates for a job position the JD can select a JS with which the JD does not  have a primary relationship with and submit the JS for the job anyway. issue 47
Issue 48
Job Developer Job Developer JD:JD/1 A system description doc states: "If multiple Job Developers are under the same branch code was to enter the same employer name in the job cloud area, the system will send a red flag until the Job Developers speaks about the issue and clear the flag. The purpose of this function is to keep the Job Developers from reaching out to the same employer when the initial goal is to reach out to different employers to get job seekers hired."

Our understanding:
  1. Each Employer (or, a specific location of the Employer, if multiple locations (e.g. one Target store)) will have a "primary relationship" with one JD.  Lets refer to this JD as "JD1" below.
  2. Any other JD can submit a JS résumé to that Employer (location).  At that time, JD1 will receive an alert that this has occurred.

Issue 36
Job Agency
"If the employers are linked to a work agency they are able to post a job to the agency cloud server in which will notify the job developer of the new positions." Issue 23

E:JA/2 "The employers that aren’t affiliated with an agency are able to post jobs to the PETS cloud server in which can send an email to subscribers notifying them of the open positions."

This Feature need to be address, but only in future version where PETS will support a Agency-less Instance
Issue 2

JS as 0 or 1 CM
JS as 0 or 1 agencies
E as 0 or many agencies
E as 0 or many JD


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