List of Projects MetPlus Scrum Sprint planning 15 - 04/11/2016

Sprint planning 15 - 04/11/2016

Updated almost 4 years ago by Joao Pereira
1) Retrospective
 Things that we did good? Things that we need to improve?
. Change to semaphore
  . Decrease time of CI
  . Better support for our tests
  . Less configuration needed
. Good rhythm of meetings and presence of people
. More active present of Joao helped
. More time to work as a team on the tasks
. Prepare discussions about business behaviour with Chet
. Task verbiage need to be improved
. More granular stories
. Give feedback in the PR of others, even if you have nothing to point out

When someone as questions for the client we should ask them in the stand-up and if we need then send and email to client

2) Planning the sprint and giving points to stories

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