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Team meeting 02/24/2016

Updated almost 4 years ago by Patrick Bolger

1 - Project status
  • How are we progressing?
  • Good things that we have been doing?
    • daily scrums
    • as-needed PP/design/code reviews 
    • well-structured client meetings and excellent client relationship 
2 - Exchange ideas about MVP for the first release to the client
I decided to create 2 different perspectives on this, one that looks at the actors and another that looks at the functionalities.
Users perspective
  • Job seeker
    • Register
    • Search jobs
    • Apply
    • Job Seeker landing page
      • Default page after login
      • List of jobs applied to
      • List of jobs that match JS background (keyword match)
      • List of newly-posted jobs (since prior login)
  • Job Developer
    • Notifications
      • Job seeker has joined PETS
      • Job seeker has applied to a job (primary JD or all if no primary)
      • Company has posted or updated a job (all JD's)
      • Primary job developer is notified when *another* job developer submits a job seeker for a job
      • Company contacts a job seeker directly (primary JD or all if no primary)
    • Overview of job seekers in his pool
    • Match job seeker and jobs
  • Case manager
    • Match job seeker and jobs
    • Notifications
      • Job seeker has joined PETS
      • Job seeker has applied to a job
  • Agency Administrator
    • Ability to configure agency information
    • Super user status
    • Invite agency people to join PETS
    • Accept/deny company registration request
    • Tasks (to-do) list management
  • Agency
    • Agency landing page
      • Default page after login for agency person (AP)
      • List of job seekers for which this AP is case manager (with links to edit)
      • List of job seekers for which this AP is job developer
      • If job developer, list of jobs for which job seekers (for whom AP is primary job developer) have applied (either directly by job seeker or by the AP), with status detail.
  • Company
    • Create job
    • Update job
    • Find job seekers
    • Register
    • Invite other company people to join PETS (company admin)
    • Company landing page
Functionality perspective
  • UI
    • UI style guide (forms, buttons, navigation, etc.)
    • UI rationalized to style guide
  • Users
    • Registration
    • Edit profiles
    • Permissions
  • Job
    • Create
    • Edit
    • Apply
    • Remove
    • Fill
    • Job life-cycle defined (and initial phase(s)) implemented)
    • Auto-match against résumés
  • Resume
    • Store
    • Download
    • Search
    • Display
    • Auto-match against jobs
  • Notification
    • Send emails
    • Store indication
    • Send real-time notifications based on events noted in "actor" breakdown above
  • Agency
    • Edit information
    • Edit users permissions

3 - Suggestions of changes 
  • Regular sprint planning meetings
    • (guided by finalized MVP feature list)
  • Team discussions of:
    • system requirements
    • system architecture and design
    • demo of in-development SW for feedback and to help better frame discussions of prior two items
  • Make sure we are all on same page during client meetings (last meeting we had a break-out session on MVP and were not ready to discuss that internally much less with the client)
4 - Other topics

Meeting notes:
1 -
Inside the team we help each other
Daily Scrums are on time
Relation with the client is good

2 -
 Skipped topic to the sprint planning meeting

3 -
Conflicts popup
Regular scrum planning meetings
Talk about system requirements
Talk about architecture and design
Talk about demo
Create staging environment
Hold off on the MVP, might cause problems in the future
Try to make the website coherent

Start doing sprint planning meeting

4 -
Joao will not be available in the next 2 weeks


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