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Project Proposal

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Project Proposal

Project Description

Modern Beauty is an application that provides service to customers based on their daily needs. With Modern Beauty, consumers can easily get information about the nearest hairdressing salons, spa, nail salons, barber shops, etc. They can see their availability and make a reservation from the website.  Also, consumers can rate and give feedback about workplaces.

Customer Definition

For our business, the target market might be aged 14 to 75 women. But since our company has services that men can benefit such as barbershop and spa, a group of men is also our potential customers. Since our business is something new, customer’s demand will not increase immediately. But if consumers adopt high demand or rapid customers find the service useful, our market growth will rise in a short time.

Project Team

Nazlı Güler

Selin Eylül Bilen

Tomer Alon

Identity of other stakeholder

·     The businesses we are operating with such as hairdressing salons, spa, nail salons and, barber shops. 

·     The main customers and users are people aged 14 to 75.

Scope of work to be completed this semester 

·     Be able to make reservation and rate workplaces via website.

·     Be able to sign-up and log-in to website.

·     Have a working user interface (mini map, menu and navigation).

Initial tasks that must be implemented to launch your project

·     Make log-in, sign-up, view services, make reservations



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