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Open Peer Power

An open source project to develop systems to support smart distributed energy grids. The system will be based on the OCF compliant IoTivity framework and EEBUS protocol. It will enable the monitoring and management of energy generation and usage and trading peer to peer.

An essential response to limiting the production of carbon dioxide and global warming is to move from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy for the generation of electricity.

However, the distributed and variable nature of renewable energy calls for smart distributed networks composed of interconnected producers, consumers and storage.

This open source project will develop energy management systems that can connect to and support smart grids.  The system is based on the OCF compliant IoTivity framework and EEBUS standard.   It will enable households and businesses to monitor and manage their energy generation and usage and trade peer to peer.

See more information at the OPP Project Wiki

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OPP Status Review Meeting - Thursday, 31st Aug at 12:00pm (UTC)

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