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Getting started with OSRA

Updated almost 7 years ago by Nikita Avvakumov
Welcome to OSRA!

A project member will be glad to help you get set up in a live session - please email ... or post a request on our Slack channel if you already have access there. However, if you prefer, you can carry out the following setup steps on your own:

  1. Please read and follow Agile Ventures' general Getting Started guide. You will need accounts on Agile Ventures, GitHub, Google+, Pivotal Tracker and Slack.
  2. OSRA uses a PostgreSQL database. The easiest way to get this working on a Mac is by installing
  3. Visit our GitHub repository and fork it to your own GitHub account.
  4. Clone the OSRA repository to your computer with git clone git clone depending on your GitHub configuration.
  5. Add the Agile Ventures OSRA repository as 'upstream' remote with
    git remote add upstream
  6. Run bundle install
  7. Run bundle exec rake db:setup and bundle exec rake db:test:prepare
  8. To ensure that the setup worked, run bundle exec rspec spec/ and bundle exec cucumber and make sure that all test pass.
The branch of the repository you forked and cloned is called 'develop'. You should do all work locally in a new feature branch, then push that branch up to your GitHub repo and submit a pull request for your code to be merged into the official OSRA 'develop' branch. 

If you didn't understand parts or the whole of the above, don't despair and - most importantly - don't get discouraged! OSRA team members are available to help you at every step of the process. We welcome the opportunity to work with developers of all backgrounds and levels - please join us!

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