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Planning & Strategy meeting, Aug 28, 2014

Updated almost 6 years ago by Nikita Avvakumov


High-level items

  • overview of the OSRA project
  • schedule of client meetings
  • format of development - sprint, schedule of meetings, scrums

Technical discussion

  • provinces, OSRA branches, sister organizations:
    • how to handle legacy data
    • dev & production environments
    • test environment
  • gender for sponsors - necessary? for institutional sponsors?
  • introduce shoulda_matchers gem on recommendation of Bryan Yap


The OSRA organization:

  • ~1200 orphans currently in the OSRA system. 
  • Fatherless orphans are priority as fathers are the primary providers for families in Syria, hence emphasis on details about fathers in the application
  • “Martyr” - term applied in cases of death due to ongoing conflict in the country
  • Sponsors linked to specific orphans, not giving money into a pool
  • Sponsor is always a physical person, not an organization, hence gender attribute on the model - client’s spec

Project goals:

  • Phase 0 (ASAP):
    • Replace existing Excel spreadsheets with a centralized data storage & management system
  • Phase 1 (ASAP):
    • Allow modification of data & associations
  • Phase 2 (timeline to be determined):
    • Recording payments
  • Final Goal (timeline to be determined):
    • Public website
    • Accessible to authenticated sponsors
    • Processing of payments
  • Hosting: Client willing to pay if necessary

Sprints & Client Meetings

  • 2-week sprints
  • Planning meetings - every first Tuesday. 
  • Grooming meetings - every second Tuesday
  • Demo to client - every second Thursday. Story acceptance needs to happen before the Demo meeting
  • Retrospective - every second Friday. Discussion of the sprint that just ended
  • Scrums - 19:00UTC daily

Immediate goals and tasks:

  • Create Entity Relationship Diagram - Motasem & Viiv
  • Enter remaining stories into Pivotal Tracker - Motasem
  • Introduce Epics to Pivotal Tracker and organize stories into epics - entire team during grooming meetings
  • Introduce 'shoulda-matchers' gem as a separate PR - Nik
    Start using the matchers in new specs, refactor existing specs when opportune - entire team

Strategy for handling of legacy and/or relatively constant data:

  • Create or retain validations for historical data
  • Keep provinces as database-stored objects
  • Seed the test database with provinces instead of using factories or otherwise creating new province objects


  • Bring up the question of institutional sponsors with client - Motasem

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