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Sprint 5 retrospective, Nov 23, 2014

Updated over 5 years ago by Nikita Avvakumov
Actions from last sprint
  • Investigate G+/JIRA connection
  • Guide to scrum for new OSRA members
  • Pair programming to introduce Brian to code base

  • Extending sprint 5 was not a good idea
  • Still slow communication with client
  • Overall loss of momentum
  • Long code review process
  • ActiveAdmin starting to cause issues

  • Writing better PR descriptions
  • Team is growing
  • Scrum master doing his job well
  • Team improving cohesion & becoming self-sufficient
  • More availability for pair programming

  • Continue with scrum for at least one more sprint
  • Expect client to improve communication process
  • Revisit the idea of the team taking on new work
  • Consider removing ActiveAdmin from code base

  • Explore the process of removing ActiveAdmin by replacing one view/controller action with standard Rails code

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