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Sprint 6 retrospective, Dec 16, 2014

Updated over 5 years ago by Nikita Avvakumov
Actions from last sprint
  • Explore the process of removing ActiveAdmin by replacing one view/controller action with standard Rails code

  • Another giant PR
  • Flaws in application architecture becoming apparent
  • Accumulated technical debt slowing down ongoing development
  • Communication not optimal
  • Loss of focus on deliverables

  • Nik is ready to share his knowledge of devops
  • Team is growing in size and quality
  • Good collaborative environment
  • Much improved communication with client

  • Reevaluate application’s architecture
  • Continue transitioning away from ActiveAdmin to Rails

  • Adhere to the project’s guidelines and refuse to accept inferior code on promise of future fix
  • Continue with post-scrum technical discussions
  • In scrums, GitHub & JIRA, focus on priority tasks

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