List of Projects OSRA - Support system Team meeting summaries Sprint 3 retrospective, Oct 10, 2014

Sprint 3 retrospective, Oct 10, 2014

Updated about 5 years ago by Nikita Avvakumov

Actions from last retrospective: 

  • Start a live session whenever sitting down to code for any reasonable length of time - X
    • But started Git Pong
  • Test JIRA during sprint - V


  • Overall very good performance by the team
    • good velocity
    • good code quality
  • Code review done well
  • Team members growing into the process
  • Excellent team cohesion
  • Team represents good subject for Pavel’s studies of programmer psychology
  • All members find this a valuable experience
  • On pace to produce a valuable real-world product


  • Still no pairing. Likely causing issues with code quality
  • Very uneven velocity during sprint
  • Client bottleneck
  • PR code reviews not done promptly at times
  • Small team size = overwhelming amount of work at times
  • Need a Product Owner
  • Losing Motasem to gainful employment
    • channel to client
    • daily scrums
    • regular planning/retrospective/etc meetings


  • Create a new link to the client independent of Motasem
  • Continue efforts to pair program
  • Take more care to create a sustainable pacing/rhythm during a sprint


  • Make decision re:JIRA vs. Pivotal Tracker
  • GitHub pong - develop at least one user story, evaluate benefits
  • Establish direct communication with client via Google+ group
    • Explore other alternatives: Slack, JIRA, …
  • Start creating a guide for OSRA developers
  • Consider rescheduling of big meetings to weekends to accommodate all team members

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