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Sprint 4 retrospective, Oct 27 2014

Updated over 5 years ago by Nikita Avvakumov
Actions from last retrospective:
  • Make decision re:JIRA - Done: choose JIRA
  • GitHub pong - develop at least one user story - Done. May develop some stories in future by pong.
  • Establish direct communication with client via Google+ group - Done. Works well.
    • Explore other alternatives: Slack, JIRA, …
  • Start creating a guide for OSRA developers - Not done.
  • Consider rescheduling of big meetings to weekends - Done. Keeping schedule fluid to accommodate developers' schedules.

  • Big story consumed too many resources
  • Unavailability of team members
  • Introduction of technical debt into the code base
  • Occasional superficial commitment to the project

  • G+ link to the client
  • Continuous Integration
  • New team member
  • Client accepting stories in “real time"

  • Learn from mistakes
  • Better - educated - point estimation
  • Avoid knowingly introducing technical debt into application code
  • Mitigate risk by assigning small bits of work to members who cannot commit time to a sprint

  • Investigate G+/JIRA connection
  • Guide to scrum for new OSRA members - Pavel
  • Pair programming to introduce Brian to code base - Craig, others

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