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Sprint 1 retrospective, Sept 16 2014

Updated over 5 years ago by Nikita Avvakumov


  • Code reviews too long (progress stops)
  • Notifications from GitHub insufficient
  • PRs (too?) large
  • Stories too big & complex
  • Stories not independent
  • Mis-estimates of time & effort
  • Lack of communication re:availability


  • Well-written user stories
  • Good feedback on PRs
  • Good discussions outside of code reviews
  • All stories accepted by client


  • PRs: 24hrs without activity - raise priority, notify team
  • PRs: everyone has authority to merge others’ code
  • break up user stories into smaller chunks
  • no fixing existing code as part of new story
  • reduce interdependencies with smaller stories & story prioritization
  • Use Slack!


  • Be proactive. Draw others' attention to stagnating PRs
  • Use own judgement in determining whether a PR has been sufficiently reviewed, based on magnitude of changes

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