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Sprint 2 retrospective, Sept 29 2014

Updated over 5 years ago by Nikita Avvakumov

Previous Retrospective:


  • Be proactive. Draw others' attention to stagnating PRs
  • Use own judgement in determining whether a PR has been sufficiently reviewed, based on magnitude of changes
The team is satisfied that these proposed actions were followed during the last sprint.

Current Retrospective:


  • Still (some) large PRs
  • Initial task list != Ten Commandments
  • Need more clarity of developer daily work & progress
    • especially when developer is unable to attend scrums
  • Still no pair programming!!!
  • Some stories not delivered on time to be shown to client


  • Kept momentum
  • Good activity on PRs - code review, merging
  • Improved work with client
  • Pavel approves :)


  • PT tasks => PRs: for larger stories, submit multiple small PRs, roughly determined by the PT tasks
  • More/better communication about current work
  • More effort to pair
  • Leave time at the end of sprint to make sure completed stories are merged and pushed to staging

  • Start a live session whenever sitting down to code for any reasonable length of time
  • Test JIRA during sprint with the goal of improved understanding of developer activity, team velocity etc.
  • 10-day sprint + prep time for client meeting
  • Submit smaller PRs for easier code reviews, but make sure to maintain current code review velocity to avoid holding up developers with pending PRs

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