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Ruby environment installation and maintenance script. Although you could install rbenv in 4 lines of code, you could do it in a more robust way. This project aims at easy deployment of Ruby in a structured way facilitating upgrades and collaboration between developer working on different versions of Ruby interpreters.

This project is about easy installation and maintenance of rbenv - Ruby Environment similar and competing to rvm

Based on initial 4 lines of code which you need to properly install rbenv from here.

What it basically does:

  • installs rbenv
  • backup of rbenv and installed rbenv plugins
  • installs ruby-build and rbenv-gemset plugins
  • remove rbenv completely
What it could do:
  • install latest Ruby
  • remove all Rubies from rbenv or specific one
  • setup .ruby-version and .rbenv-gemsets
  • install git, so that it becomes a good practice to use
What it could ultimately do:
  • support many Ruby environments e.g. popular here - rvm - and give user some helpful advice how this tools exactly works and how to use them best, maybe through man pages? Ultimate Ruby Installation for *NIX distributions...

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