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  • House Wives

Preparing for a meal, they can search diverse menus with cooking time, calories, and main ingredients. Recipe Recommendation System (RRS) shows other dishes that have similar recipes from the menu that they chose, so it can help for shopping too.

  • BodyBuilders and Nutritionist

RRS lets users search the menu with calorie amounts. Also, RRS shows the proportion of nutrients, such as fat, protein, carbohydrate, and vitamins, on the menu. Thus people who need to be careful about choosing a diet might want to use RRS.

  • Chef

RRS shows diverse menus from a single ingredient. Chefs who have to make their own menu and cook for customers can take a lot of references from RRS.

  • Party Holders & People who invited to Party

RRS can search menus with cooking time. Customers can finish cooking before the party starts without any mistake.

  • Professor Rose

Professor Rose, as a householder, can use RRS for deciding the meal menu, comparing ingredients for shopping, and preparing the meal before the class by checking the cooking time.


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