Minimum Viable Product

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Recipe Recommender System Minimum Viable Product

    Following points were the minimum viable points

    1. Landing Page
  • Users may on the landing page without error.
  • Users may briefly know what is the Recipe Recommender.
  • Users may register or log in with "Git hub" to Recipe Recommender.
    2. Index Page
  • Users may check the list of recipes with following information:
    • Recipe Name
    • Recipe Ingredients
    • Recipe Food type
    • Recipe Calories
    • Recipe Cooking time
  • Users may click the Recipe Name to go show page of that recipe.
  • Users may create a new Recipe.
  • Users may filter the index with food type.
  • Users may sort the index according to recipe name, calories, and cooking time.        
    3. Show Page
  • Users may check the other recipe that contains similar ingredients.
  • Users may delete, edit the recipe.
  • Users may click the similar recipe to link to the show page of the similar recipe.
    4. New Page
  • Users may create a new Recipe themselves
  • When they created a new Recipe, it will be included in index page.
    5. Edit Page
  • Users may edit the existing recipe.
  • When they edit a existing recipe, changed recipe will be included in index page. 

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