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Why Recipe Recommender? 

   Recipe Recommender System is a light information board that users can easily access and search for recipes that they want. Users can check essential points through the index of recipes, such as ingredients, calories, cooking time, and food type. Furthermore, users can find other recipes that contain similar ingredients.

    Shopping wisely, especially buying ingredients for meals efficiently, is not easy sometimes. Homemakers, chief, nutritionists, bodybuilders, and even students, who live apart from their family, try to save money but create various breakfast and dinner as much as possible. If they have all of the recipes in their head and can draw a map for each ingredient, there will be no problem. However, it is not easy. Decide menu, check ingredients, analyze the common elements. All of the serial tasks ask hard work and take too much time. 

    Thus, Recipe Recommender System will analyze the recipes for you. Think about one or two recipes that you want to cook. Check the index and get information about ingredients, calories, and cooking time. Click the recipe's name to check other food that has similar elements to save your shopping money. You can create four different dishes with minimized ingredients. Recipe Recommender can lead you to be a smart shopper.


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