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Inception meeting

Updated over 5 years ago by Thomas Ochman
1. Presentations
We had 5 AV members in the meeting and every one was given a chance to make a short introduction

2. Back end and API
  Ruby on Rails seems like a good choice to build the back-end part of the application and an API.

3. API
See above
4. Client 
  Web client - integrated in the Rails app?
  Mobile - Ionic? Ionic allows for development of hybrid applications and is based on AngularJS. Could be a good choice for the mobile client development

5. PaaS 
  Heroku in development
  VPS in production ($$$) and perhaps staging servers.

6. Version control
  GitHub for storage and collaboration

7. Project management tool
  Pivotal Tracker is Thomas proposal. Onother tool that has been discussed is 

Next meeting Thursday, 2016-02-04 19.30 UTC

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