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Client meeting - 1

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Time: 16.00 UTC
Place: Craft Academy, Holtermansgatan 1, Gothenburg, Sweden
Participants: Amanda, Anton, Nawar (Unify), Niklas, Patrik, Andreas (Pinya Group), Thomas ( & Craft Academy)


The purpose of this meeting was to get to know each other and hear about project ideas from Unify.


Unify is a non-profit organization based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their vision is to be a part of the solution of the problems refugees face when arriving to a new country. They are currently looking for a partner/parners that can assist them with development of their plattform. If the project is to become an project they will hold the role of the projects Client.

Project scope

The idea is to build a online plattform that will help different groups of people come in contact with newly arrived refugees and help them build their personal networks. At this point there is no specific group identified as a primary target for the plattform. 


  • We agreed to AgileVentures workflow and the requirements we have on non-profits (Open Source, Open Project and active participation in the dev process as Client). 
  • We agreed that somebody from Pinya Group will act as Project Lead together with Thomas.
  • We agreed that Craft Academy students will take part in the project during the second half of their bootcamp (week 7 to 12)
  • We agreed that Craft Academy, and PinyaGroup will be presented as the projects sponsors/partners in all external communication of Unify (website, social media, presentations, etc)

Action points

1. Send out a project description document to all participants (Unify)
2. Invite AV members to a online project/dev team meeting (Thomas)
3. Designate a Project leader (Pinya Group)
4. Join AV Slack and #refugee_tech channel (Unify, Pinya Group)


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