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1. Vision

Our vision is to ease the way we make new contacts by a digital platform. We will   maybe not be able to change the world, though we’ll take a step towards getting people interacting with each other. Hopefully this will also help towards better integration in the society. To connect is to understand one another. 

2. User Characteristics

The initial users will be mainly students and roughly between the ages of 16 - 26. 

The users are assumed to be used to similar applications, such as Tinder, Facebook and other. They are assumed to be used to quickly responsive applications, and clean and spacious UI. 

Personas will be made once we have collected actual data and created focus groups. 

3. Quality Requirements

The application will have an overall UI with the same colour theme, fonts, look and feel at every stage of the application. 

All design of this application will be centered. And it shall be spacious. 

The program should respond fast on prompts and any other kind of interaction from the user. 

Matches shall be made on algorithms showing only relevant matches. Preferably the matching can benefit from already existing data about the user. 

We have not yet decided on a colour theme. 

4. Functional Requirements  

All measurements and coordinates of all components and their exact position in the functional requirements are to be specified. 

4.2 First time user walkthrough

Facebook login and Google login.

The first window that the user encounters is displaying two buttons to sign up and log in. One Facebook-blue for Facebook log-in and one Google-red for Google log-in. The buttons are placed in the exact middle of the window next to each other. The user chooses his/her prefered way to sign-up/login.  When the user prompts a log in, she will be directed to the window where she can create a profile.  

Create a profile

This is the second window which contains three functions. Selection of spoken languages, age and time in Sweden. The functions will be shown as a vertical list. They will be stated in chronological order below. 

Spoken Language:

The selection of spoken language will be shown as a list of check-boxes with the most common languages (estimations are they will be Swedish, English, Arabic). If the user wishes to select additional languages that can be done by the last component in the list, a drop-down menu stating “Other…”.  The language selected will appear as a prompted check-box last in the list. Under each check-box a toggle bar will allow the user to determine her proficiency in given language. From beginner (left) to expert (right). 


Not yet decided how this function will appear. 

Time in Sweden

This will be shown as a toggle bar from 0 years (left) to 100 years (right). Another option is check-boxes with a certain time interval (e.g. Less than 1 year, 1 - 3 years etcWe are very open for suggestions regarding this feature. 


This is the most important function. It will be displayed as its own window. The window will consist of a vertical and horizontal list of interest icons (e.g. three icons in a horizontal row for instance, depending on the size of the window). The icons will tangent each other on all sides. The icons will fill up the whole window and the user will be able to scroll down to see all alternatives. The icons will represent a field of interest, e.g. a football for ball sports. It will also display the field in written text (not yet further specified). 

The icons will have a hue of a yet unspecified color (matching our colour-theme). When the user chooses a field of interest, the icon will be highlighted in a brighter shade of given color. 

When the user has scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the icons, two other buttons will be shown.

- Group - Pair - 

Two buttons are situated at the bottom of the window. One stating Group for a group match (five people), and one stating Pair for a pair match. Over the buttons the text MATCH will be shown. 

Display of match

When the user has selected to be matched in pairs the application will create a list of matches. Each element of the list  will be shown one at a time, taking up the 2/3 space of the window. The match will show a thumbnail of the profile picture and information containing name, age, languages and interest. The rest of the window will show two buttons. One saying “UNIFY” and the other saying “NEXT MATCH”, situated under the Unify-button. If the user selects Next match a new profile will be shown with the exact same interface. If the user agrees on the current match and selects Unify, she will be thrown into a chat with this person.


Takes up the whole window (if mobile app, not sure how it will appear on web site). Same look as Facebook chat, but with Unify colour theme. 

Slide Menu (left side) 

(Can only be implemented on mobile application)

On the Left side of the chat window there will be a hidden menu which can be shown if the user puts her finger on the left side of the display and slides it to the right. In this menu the user sees a list of suggestions on meet-up places relevant to the interests and location of the “matchees”. 

Another option for web site has to be produced. 

Bottom Menu

The bottom menu will be shown in the Match and the Chat window for the first time user. Will be shown also in Interest window for not-first time users.

Shows icons for the Interest, Match, Chat and Personal Profile windows. The current window will be shown as highlighted and unselectable

Interest icon will be one of the icons from interest window. Chat will be a speech bubble. Profile will be a human silhouette from the chest and up. 

For web site this menu will be Top Menu instead.  




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