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Team meeting 18th feb

Updated about 5 years ago by Tony Butler


  • Security Auditing in the CI build demonstrated to the team
  • Adding a user model "the godmin way" demonstrated to the team
  • Some decisions made on working practices and tooling
  • Voted on stories for this sprint


  • Tatsu will be moved to project_unify_ci
  • Tatsu standups will be every other day
  • HATEOAS was discussed briefly when discussing the story to Add Users index API endpoint but it was decided to keep things simple for now and maybe revisit this in the future
  • Typescript will be used for the front end application 

Stories voted on


  • @niklasborstrand to talk to the client about servers and associated costs.
  • @thomaso to write up draft workflow for code from checkin->production release
  • @sampriti  to move tatsu to #project_unify_ci
  • @freeranger to raise story in WSO to add similar security auditing to that added here
  • @freeranger to raise story for adding client->api authentication
  • @zmagod to write cucumber integration and rspec unit tests for godmin
  • @freeranger, @shalininair and @gael to scaffold the ionic app
  • @channel to start working at any story in PR by clicking the start button. If unsure how to proceed, ask in Slack

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