Project Proposal

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Project Proposal


Project Description

The current timesheet system that the SA uses has many faults in their UI, permissions, ease of use, and has an inability for users to edit precious responses (adding hours). Our goal is to create a new timesheet system without the previous faults for SA workers to clock in and clock out their hours to get paid accurately. 

Customer Definition

The two main customers for this project will be Professor Williams and Ornella Harvey, financial director of the SA.


Proposed Project Team

Matthew Damiata

Joshua Szachar

Ethan Breban

Korhan Citlak

Benjamin Keurian


Identify Stakeholders

This team

SA chartered organizations

SA Eboard

SA employees

OCCT employees


Scope of the work to be completed this semester

Have a functioning timesheet web app with clock in/clock out capabilities, printable timesheets, user authentication and permissions, and manipulation of hours.


Initial tasks that must be implemented

-       Create new UI design

-       Login authentication

-       Check user has a or email

-       Basic CRUD operations for the database

-       Create appropriate tests

-       Add hours function

-       User/manager/admin permissions


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