Project Proposal

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Project Description:

The project will be an overlook of how an employee and an employer can benefit from the automation of selecting different work shifts/slots availability on a weekly/monthly basis.


Customer Definition:

The customers of the project are going to be managers and employees of multiple organizations. Mangers can post availability of various shifts on a weekly basis and the employees are able to pick the shifts according to their availability.


Proposed Project Team:

Sri Vasa Sai Subrahmanyam Gampala, B00820123

Akhil sai bommini, B00820119

Suchitra Reddy H V, B00820366

Sai Venkat vara prasad, B00835528


Identity of other stakeholders:

Multiple organizations which use the common application.


Scope of work to be completed this semester:

Development of a web-application which has different logins for managers and employees based on #EID’s(employee Id’s), calculating each week pay, add/drop work time slots based on availability, wage changes based on fulltime/part-time/domestic/international workers.


Initial tasks that must be implemented to launch your project:

Collection of various data related to: Webpage layout, D.B of employees (#EID’s, names, number of employees, pay period, pay for hour, overtime pay, etc.)



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