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Svergies Hundföretagare (SHF)

  (Swedish organization for those that work with dogs)

SHF is a small non-profit in Sweden that has been an organization for individuals and small companies that provide dog training and problem solving. 

Dog owners depend on SHF to have a helpful list of lots of these dog-related companies. Dog owners call SHF and visit the SHF site not only to get contact information for the companies they want to work with, they also come to the site to find out when classes and events are going to happen. Some of these events are things like dog training sessions, taught by one of companies that is a SHF member. (Don’t we all wish everyone would go to training sessions with their dog?) 

SHF also is the oldest (est 1983) place that keeps a list of dog-related companies that are have been approved to only use ethical practices. (There is a brand new one: Professionella hundtränare)

Dog owners are more and more interested in finding and working with companies with that ideology. The member companies really want to take advantage of this increasing interest from customers and clients. 

So SHF needs to be able to handle this increasing demand for information from dog-owners (site visitors & callers), and to do that they have to be able to make that information available for their member companies

SHF is financed 100% by the dues that member companies pay. If that doesn’t work well, as a very small (but dedicated!) non-profit, any problems with cash-flow can be devastating. 

SHF has been making do with a mix of things and it is driving the main people *crazy*! (Not to mention their dogs -- who get quite sullen because they aren’t getting any HappyFunTime with their people!)

- The official list of instructors:
- The official list ofdog-psycologists:

- The current website (above) is a WordPress site that is completely depended an old and now unsupported plug-in that provides a personal password which gives login access to protected member area:

Challenges for SHF? 
   What else makes it hard to keep their member-companies happy (because when they’re not happy, they don’t renew their memberships, which means less money for SHF!
- The current system is quirky. Sometimes the login does not work.
- There is no way to add classes or actually anything, the info shown is hand written by webmaster.

Technical Infrastructure
any thing else (not mentioned above)?  

 How much availability with the client realistically have?  
 Deadlines or dates that are important to SHF?
- Launch with the new name at December first.



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