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Inception Meeting notes

Updated almost 6 years ago by Ashley Engelund
The project inception (kickoff) meeting was 22/10/2016.   It was recorded and is on the project videos page.  (It's short: less than 30 minutes.)

Here are some very rough notes from the meeting.  (The goal is to capture information so that it isn't lost.  We want to be sure that any important information -- requirements, constraints, ideas -- are addressed in the project.)

Client:   Svergies Hundforetagare

  (Swedish organization for those that work with dogs)

Background about the organization:
  • was dog trainers & dog psychologists that used ethical methods (e.g.positive reinforcements, etc)
  • now organization has grown to include all kinds of people that work with dogs (trainers, etc.)

  • members have events (ex: classes) that are in DinKurs (Swedish event system)
    •  dinKurs = enter dinKurs companyKey, will grab all the classes you have in dinKurs and display them

Want:  a membership tracking system + website

  •   individuals/companies can apply for membership
  •  if approved, they pay membership $
  • what is this MEMBERSHIP APPROVAL process?  what roles? 
  •   some members are certified as using Ethical Methods (“stamped”)
  • this info comes from an external system?
  • these certified ethical members have extra abilities with the website (?)

administer/manage members

  •  approve
  •  track
  •  payment processing  <== MUST HAVE!
  •  communicate with (emails, … what other ways?)
    • send email reminders if they haven’t paid


Membership management is highest priority
 - connecting to DinKurs (posting events) can come later

Current System

Mix of:
  •  - manual
  •  - WordPress (incl. add-on that is unsuppported)
    • - unsupported add-on: creates and sends passwords so members can access the password-protected sections of the site
  •  - MailChimp

current membership data is in various places: in some storage (db?) for the current site, in Excel file(s), Access db

Architecture / Infrastructure

  - which servers? (will cost $)
 - must have Passenger

Must migrate existing db of members to new system
  - from ‘Loopia’ ?
  - + accessdb, + excel info

existing “garden club” project can be a general inspiration

Next steps:

1st week = design sprint

Tuesday afternoon scrum?
Saturday next week to meet up again:

SHF Sprint Planning Sat, Oct 29 @ 04:00-04:30 (PDT) America/Los_Angeles


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