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Emma and her fellow members of the voluntary SHF board are very tired of the time-consuming work of handling the members. The current member number is a mere 100, but it takes a lot of time rather spent on other things.

Todays process:
Membership application is snail-mailed to our appointed member-handler who approves/disapproves the member-handler who approves/disapproves the application based on our criteria. Then she e-mails a response with how to pay membership fee.
Then she waits and probes our money-person to see if the membership has been paid, when paid she sends a "member package" with information and a "membership card". They are also added to our closed Facebook group, our newsletter, our Excel sheet of members, our website system for login and our website. All manually.

Wished process:
Members to be fill in application online and an admin is notified (via e-mail). Admin approves/disapproves or asks for additional information. Upon approval the system creates a stamp/card for the member to print or use on their webpage (see CA certificates). System sends an e-mail to member with payment-information. If not paid within 35 days, reminder is sent to member and also to admin. If membership lapsed or member excluded the stamp will render invalid.

Currently we only have instructors and dog psycologists as members, current system will need to house different types of dog-businesses. One business can belong to many categories.

Needs beyond member login and authoring posts/display public profile:
  • Monica can list events/classes/webinars which will show up on the map when queried
  • Monica has company-page. (Many members will = the company, but not all. (Perhaps a ”Copy information from member info”-button on company-pages?))
  • Monica can have employees - so members can belong to the same company (sorted by organization number)
  • Monica needs a validation ”stamp” (see CA certificates) that can be queried via URL and return valid or invalid depending on membership status
  • Some members are of ”supporting” type and can read all hidden info and will get the newsletter, but will not be able to display own information as to be found. Supporting members gets no stamp.
  • Monica needs to be able to receive a newsletter (today via mailchimp)
  • Monica needs to add classes easily from DinKurs and make them searchable from website: https://dinkurs.se/lxml.asp?company_key=yFKGQJ

  • Monica should be able to update her info, and add/edit classes via mobile app
  • Emma should be able to update/add members via mobile app
  • Lars should be able to see closest members in chosen category on map/list in app. (search by city should be possible too, in case of not wanting to share current location)

  • Emma can edit site texts in frontend, preferably WYSIWYG/Website one style
  • Emma needs to be able to compose a newsletter (WYSIWYG)
  • Educational platform, free for members, visitors have to pay to access.

 See the personas to find our who we are referring to by name.

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