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Updated almost 6 years ago by Susanna Larsdotter
These are the main personas / user roles for the SHF project.  It's done in a narrative, descriptive style so the personas / user roles are more memorable.  It's based on the project inception meeting, conversations, and the user stories that are in Pivotal Tracker at this time.  

The 'last names' are  just helpful clues so it's easier to remember what names belong to what kinds of roles or examples.

Emma Admin

Emma is a dog instructor and is a one man show in her company dealing with webdesign and dog training. Emma is the main administrator of the current SHF site (updating the content by hand whenver a member-company sends her an email ).
Emma is comfortable with computers -- a definite power user. She's not a developer but can be talked through technical issues pretty easily. She's really busy with a full time job, 2 dogs and commutes. She has worked some with the way things currently are (the mix of WordPress site, data in Excel and text files). And has helped with doing all of the payment stuff by hand.

Kicki "Happy Mutts" owner

Kicki has been in IT in a previous career. Now she's doing dogs full time. She is a member of the board.  She has been a member as using ethical methods for quite a long time. She is in high demand as a dog trainer and so does lots of classes and events. Kicki has been a 1-person business for a while but now has 2 employees. Kicki is the type of person SHF wants to keep as a member and fascilitate by sending reminder e-mails and offering value. 

Sadie "Happy Mutts" employee

Sadie is an employee at "Happy Mutts". She is a member because that was a requirement of the owner of "Happy Mutts". Sadie has a golden retriever at home, who she sometimes brings to classes.

Inger Supporter

Inger used to be a dog trainer but is since then retired and now only has cats. Inger wants to support SHF so she wants to become a member without being approved as a full member. Lucky for her SHF allows supporting members. Inger wants to choose between paying via bank transfer or via the system. She is tech savvy but don't always trust the internet with her money.

Lars Member-Wanna-be

Lars is a dog trainer but hasn't been certified. He wants to apply for membership. He can be fine using websites, but seems to have trouble with emails constantly -- lots seem to bounce back from his address and often emails end up in his junk mail folder (and he rarely thinks to look there or quite understands how that works). 

Sam Class Searcher

Sam is a dog owner that is looking for training classes near him. He uses his iPhone for *everything*. He wants to find someone using a map (he loves maps of all kinds!), then be able to look at their info, when they're offering classes in the areas he'll be in, and contact them.


Marta has 3 dogs and logs in to her computer in the morning to check emails from her grandchildren, kids, and friends. The other main thing she does with her computer is to play on-line bridge (a card game) with her friends. She goes to a few sites on line, but not many.
She knows about the organization because she's gone to a few events where the presenters/trainers were members. But she's never been to the current website.

Ashley Info-Searcher

Ashley is a dog owner that is always looking for dogcart-pulling and swimming-competition classes for her nearly-perfect Newfoundland (‘Maya') and her scary-smart Dalmation-German Shepherd-Papillon mix ('Mandy’). Ashley also often looks for classes for friends that aren’t tech-saavy and would love it if there was some way for visitors like her (not a member) could save a list of favorites. She also wishes that her dogs would put away their own toys. The both know how to do it and will do it to show off if (human) friends are over, but will stubbornly refuse to do it if it’s ‘only’ Ashley home. Ashley is not allowed to work on her PC, Mac, or Android phone during HappyFunDogTime -- which is from 8:04 a.m. until 8:45pm PST.

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