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Project Proposal

Updated almost 4 years ago by Margie Lehmann
Trackr is an app for runners who want to log and track their runs in a user friendly log. They will be able to set weekly goals, log mileage over time, and log routes.  Users will be able to log in via Facebook and share progress with their friends. In order to keep our users motivated, users will be given ranks based on their overall mileage.

Our project team consists of Patrick Watters, Beau LaFlore, Margaret Lehmann, Ahnaf Raihan, and Thomas Moshier. Our stakeholders include our Professor, Rose Williams, as well as potential users, and us, the developers.

This semester our Minimum Viable Product includes:
- A running log where users can input individual runs attached to their profile.
- A log in/ profile system for users.
- An option for runners to set weekly mileage goals.
- Personal statistics calculated based on the users mileage and times.
- A ranking system based on users total mileage.

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