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A very simple web application that is both a training support for RoR newbies and a useful tool if you need to build a new web application quickly without expert knowledge of RoR.

A very simple website

this project was developped as self-client website. This project has two goals :

- Educationnal : help AV newbie working on a project that is accessible with limited knowledge

- Usefulness : anyone may deploy the application and customize it ( is such an example). As the application is not very sophisticated, getting up to speed is easy.

Release 0 is built on skills taught in CS169-1. You only need to have Ruby on Rails basic skills to deploy and customize it. There are, maybe, 20 or 30 lines of code, including 1 jquery line.

We will build a Release 1 that roughly matches CS169-2 skills (oauth, i18n, performance and design pattern).

We may then develop a Release 2 that will add client-side functionality (bootstrap, angularjs).

This is only an indicative plan. You may fork any release and choose a different direction depending on your goals and needs!

In the future, we may initiate projects to merge the best forks in a new version of the application (advanced git and merge skills)

The initial project is a lone wolf one :-). As the developper was not very fluent in agile methodology, he forgot to write BDD, TDD test cases. So, you'll have to polish your legacy code skills (SAAS book ch 9).

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