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Welcome to VisitMeet. A new way to travel in cheap way. How it works? Lets say A & B are members of visitmeet. A is a traveller who wants to travel world and want to do it in cheap way along with helping people. A just arrived in Nepal and want to travel in cheaper way. B is member of visitmeet and posts for fooding, lodging and traveling. A buys it. B only gets 80%. A traveled in cheapeast way possible.

VisitMeet will present unique human exchanges and new options for your choosing in life and living from across the globe via word of mouth invitations, the most powerful 'advertising' medium on the planet. As programmers building this site for programmers and Human Beings who are our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters all, this will be a site that care built.

VisitMeet will be providing two financial abilities that will allow almost anyone to engage in global selling and purchasing and travelling, and also guiding travels on any level offered and any range of expense. People and groups and organizations can place offers, and users can search offers by following people, searching by keywords, or by visiting the offer map.

How Is Money Exchanged?

More on this as we progress, though, in short, we will be using the and the Stellar.orgplatforms to empower almost everyone across the globe to be able to engage the world. Mothers in India or Nepal and other countries where they cannot get credit cards, can access VisitMeet and be able to do commerce with anyone anywhere in the world, from her cellphone or computer. Many people in the world have access to cellphones or computers, but not credit card capability, and so they are shut out of the global commerce. VisitMeet will be offering a way out and up for such folks.

Can you imagine the word of mouth amongst the mothers who will be able for the first time to engage the world in commerce and travel in peace on earth good will all? We can, and we are currently coding our way there every day. We invite your help.

Help Yourself, Help Others ..

We invite you to contribute to the building of VisitMeet.

As GUIDES and TRAVELLERS If you would like to make OFFERS when we are ready let us know now, and we will work with you to make sure everything is right while we build the site, and your offer is presented as you wish, for all to see.

LODGINGS and EATERIES Travellers and Guides need to eat and sleep, and they will let us know when they find your offerings to be worth sharing, and you can contact us now, letting us know how you will want to present your Lodgings and Eateries.

Your CREATIONS and SERVICES Creators of fine products of the human imagination are invited to contact us now, while we build out the site, so we can present the myriads of offers with all required details so folks can know your creations, your services, your talents.

Combining Travel and Infrastructure More to come a bit down the road near the unbuilt footbridge and further down the road, the washed-out footbridge a community is restoring, with your help if you can see yourself helping. This is a new way to travel, and it will be cheaper than you expect with far richer experiences, memories and unimagined rewards from your travels.

Our Goal

Imagine a mother in her home in a small city near the foothills of the mountains near the equator, she is creating anything you can imagine, from a musical instrument, to an exquisite shaw or rug or art of her own design .. how can she tell the world about her abilities and talents and products and services? She has no website, no credit card, and no way of achieving them. Well, a mother of one of our users sees her in the local market one day and tells her about a website, and gives her the address, and the mother has a cellphone capable of going on the net, or she visits someone who has computer access if need be and signs up at and finds the world will open up to her, financially and otherwise.

If you are a non-programmer, you can know that the following Feature and Scenario are actual test-setup-methods to begin knowing what codes are to be tested. A programmer will write a Feature that their client wants to make real on their site, in this manner so both the programmer and the client can be on the same page as to what is to be created, and tested. Imagine you are a programmer and give this a slow read .. and you can know .. a fork is an exact copy of a code repository .. it is a collection of files full of codes that make a website work. There are many folders and files full of codes in our repository, and your fork (exact copy) of our work is yours to adapt to your uses.

Why do such a thing, as give you our codes? If you use our codes, you will be abe to connect your works into ours and, all will be empowered by our .net site's exchange systems we are calling, World Useable Money.

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