Events Index LoFi

Updated almost 8 years ago by Jon Engelbert
This can be the new Events Index page.
The user can...
- filter events by category:  ( scrums, pair programming events, all...)
- filter events by project.
- view future, past, or present events or some combination.
- customize the time window, as with a calendar app.
- create new events that start now (as with the Create Hookup button on the projects page), without leaving the page.
- Create new events that start in the future, without leaving the page.
- view the youtube video for past events..
- join a Live event.
- Create a hangout for a "future" event.

If anyone wants to port this or create a new mockup in Balsamiq, then please go ahead.

In the future, we may want to add the capability to...
- filter by host or participant
- fuzzy filter by title (using "like")
- Edit an event instance, e.g. the time or the title.  perhaps 'inline'?
- Delete an event instance.
- Link to a page to Edit the template for a recurring event.


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